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These print projects were taken from concept to print based on client requirements and budgets.

Both the Lowena and Sydney Web business card designs consisted of UV printing to provide glossy sections on matte cards.

A gatefold brochure was suggested to Lowena portability and to accomodate a vast amount of information.

Sexbomb.com.au have been utilising my design services for several years.

The posters shown were designed to be printed at A1 size.

Themes are given with each brief and multiple design revision are produced to get to the final product.

Care had to be taken with the promotion of adult themes in family spaces.

Minidisc.com.au is a long time freelance client.

Their strict marketing budget required designs to be completed within an hour, approved, then prepared as a mailout.

This usually limited me to either run with the first concept that sprung to mind or design on the go.

Theteeparty.com.au has been a pet project for quite a few years run with a broken t-shirt printer purchased on whim and repaired.

This was run in conjunction with my photography and design work, however it has come to a stage where the diverse skills learnt being self employed needs to be re-focussed.

Iluka Resources required an e-learning platform for new recruits. They solicited designs from several design firms with my designs being the selected mock ups to be built.

This project consisted of a range of kids t-shirt designs based on

  • Pirates vs Ninjas
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Cowboys and Indians
Each design was roughly sketched and illustrated in Adobe Illustrator within 1 to 1.5 days each.